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Patient Support Program:

Gaps in our healthcare system and other landscape complexities make a Patient Support Program (PSP) an avenue to marketing pharmaceutical products and creating equity for brands.

Each program is created to ensure that patients have timely access to the medications they need as well as quality and measurable care throughout their treatment. We can accomplish the same things for you and your patients

Patient support programs offer :

  • Programs to facilitate implementation and compliance with treatment
  • Financial support


Assistance program – RAMQ:

The assistance programs managed by the RAMQ may include financial assistance or technical assistance. Certain services or medications are also offered free of charge. Each program includes eligibility criteria and procedures to follow.

For details on the reimbursement process for exception drugs, visit the Reimbursement section.


Community pharmacist:

The Patient and Exception Drug online service allows the community pharmacist, or any other authorized professional, to view the status of an application.

This feature permits the authorized professional to search for all Authorization Requests associated with an Insured Person (NAM) for a given drug. The search result displays all requests sent by prescribers to the RAMQ that have been processed or completed within the last year.

To access this online service, you must first login to the RAMQ online platform. You can then click on Patient and Exception Medications. Note that a user guide for the Patient and Exception Medication is also available in the online service. This is accessible by clicking on Help Tools in the left-hand menu when you are logged into the online service.


Understanding the insured’s card: