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Apobiologix focuses its activities on the commercialization of biosimilars. Apobiologix’s biosimilar program is a natural extension of Apotex’s long-standing history of promoting access to affordable, high-quality medicines in Canada and around the world. We aim to transform access to affordable treatment through innovation, development and partnerships, in oncology and other areas.

At Apobiologix, we believe that invention is not the only form of innovation; we believe that health care professionals and patients deserve access to affordable treatments, without compromising on efficacy, quality and safety. Apobiologix is a pioneer and leader in the field of biosimilars in oncology in Canada. We offer you a filgrastim with short action as well as long action; Grastofil and Lapelga. Apobiologix offers a patient support program, the Answers program. It is an effective and fast program that helps access the drug for all patients.

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AQCAMO seeks to improve the lives of cancer patients. To do so, we are dedicated to making oncology drugs more accessible to patients. With the help of our coordinators, we support and assist patients and their families by alleviating the financial burden caused by their cancer diagnosis to the best of our abilities.

We help patients and their families research, complete and submit their applications to the appropriate financial aid and support programs. In addition, we are committed to sharing knowledge and providing training and networking opportunities to all of our access coordinators.

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